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Doom Mods (Doom 1 and 2)

Doom must always be remembered for outstanding game play.  I lost many nights back then due to playing this game until the small hours.  Thanks to id Software for such a cool game.

Find below a collection of selected maps for Doom and Doom 2.

Featured Doom Levels

File Game Size Author Description
pillboxx.zip Doom 2 52K Joe Rowe A great coop multiplayer map with loads of enemies.
DM2ORA.ZIP Doom 2 481K Jim Flynn and Scott Harper orcale.wad, a large, complex and very impressive Doom 2 wad.
doom2atc.zip Doom 2 2053K Justin Fisher Aliens Doom 2 mod, great.
forest.zip Doom 306K Curtis M. Turner II A collection of levels for Doom (replaces most of episode 2), some new graphics.
doom12.zip Doom 2 239K ? Wad file for Doom 2 which contains all of the textures in Doom 1.  This can be used to run Doom 1 maps in Doom 2 (rename "E1M1" to "MAP01" in your wad and include this wad with it).

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