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Historic Games

When Game Description Our Tech Language+Libs
1995 Quest* An ASCII art 2D look down RPG   Borland TC
1995 Dave (aka Escape)* A 3D point and click maze game.   Borland TC
1997 Escape 2 A 2D look down shooter where you are yellow tank.   Borland TC
1998 Rod (aka Escape 3) Realm of Darkness: A 2D look down shooter with gothic elements where you could return to previous levels.   DJGPP
1998 Escape 2 Gold Remasted Escape 2   DJGPP
1998 Warzone* Experimental abandonded game that made the breakthrough in fast tile rendering.   DJGPP
1998 TFO* Abandoned 2D RTS (some units went into Meteor)   DJGPP + Allegro4
1998 Meteor Fast tile rendering + Allegro made huge expansion possible. First game with intergrated editors. First game use internal JGUI library. JGUI DJGPP+Allegro4+DUMB+ENet
1999 Rod 2 Test Experimental game using new sectors rendering system. First Windows game (not DOS). JGUI MSVC+Allegro4+DUMB
2001 Meteor (update) Ported game to Win32 from DOS. "Day of the Chaos Leeks" secret level returned. JGUI MSVC+Allegro4+DUMB
2001 Bubbles Bubble popping game. JGUI MSVC+Allegro4+DUMB
2001 Go For It A game made in a day where you pick up tokens. JGUI MSVC+Allegro4+DUMB
2004 Meteor 2 Meteor meets Rod 2 to make Meteor 2. First game with scripting. JGUI MSVC+Allegro4+DUMB
2008 Rod3D Experimental and abandonded 3D version of Rod/Escape JGL MSVC+Allegro5+AllegGL+DUMB
2009 Potato Dude 3D 3D Mr Potato Head game with multiplayer JGL MSVC+Allegro4+AllegroGL+ENet+DUMB
2010 Mowteor Mowing grass in the world of Meteor. JGUI2 MSVC+Allegro4+DUMB
2012 Mowteor (update) Rewrite to test Allegro 5 tech. JGUI2 MSVC+Allegro4+DUMB
2013 Go For It (update) Rewrite to test Allegro 5 tech JGUI2 MSVC+Allegro4+DUMB
2020 Mowteor (update). Rewrite to test SFML tech. JGUI3 MSVC+SFML+DUMB
2020 Go For It (update). Rewrite to test SFML tech. First version with multiplayer. JGUI3 MSVC+SFML+ENet+DUMB
2023 Meteor (update) Rewrite of a classic using SFML but carefully restored. JGUI3 MSVC+SFML+ENet+DUMB+AngelCode
2024 Meteor 2 (update)** Rewrite of a classic using SFML with many new features. First game with physics. JGUI3 MSVC+SFML+ENet+DUMB+Box2D+AngelCode

* Never released
** Not yet released

Data in the above table is assumed to be largely correct but may contain some errors as it have been assembled from achived and technical information.

More information will be added over time including screenshots and details about each game.