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Rod 2 Test

Download Rod 2 Test Latest Release: 20 Feb 2005
First Release: 01 Jan 1999

Download Rod 2 Test v1.1 (3.12 MB) (Windows installer)
Released on 20 Feb 2005.
Beta Software

This download is flagged as "Beta" software. This means that:
 - The game is not fully tested.
 - The game may be incomplete/unfinished.
 - The game may be unstable and might produce unwanted results.

All downloads are subject to the Terms of Use.

Game Information

The Rod 2 Test was developed for DOS in 1999 and was the my first sector based game. This sector based engine was later redeveloped and used for Meteor 2.

This game is an excellent example of my early sector based work and has for this reason being made available.

The test contains 4 very simple levels and takes just mintues to complete (so don't get too excited). Feel free to make use of the editors and develop your own content.

Screen Shots



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