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Escape 2

Download Escape 2 Latest Release: 02 Jan 2006
First Release: 01 Jan 1997

Download Escape 2 v1.7 (1.26 MB) (Windows installer)
Released on 02 Jan 2006.

View the Escape 2 Change Log
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Game Information

Escape 2 is a simple look down shooter which I wrote in 1997.� Although an older "classic" it is specifically designed to run on modern Windows computers (Windows XP etc).

The game is important in the sense that it was my first ever released game, it also paved the way for my later work such as Rod, Meteor, Meteor 2 and <add new game name here lol>.� Many of the aspects of the Meteor games are clearly visible in Escape 2, the general mechanics are there.

Escape 2 contains some features which are not (currently) present in my later games including split screen play, joystick support and (perhaps) a vague arcade feel.

So there you have it, its like Meteor 2 but much older.� The modern Windows port of this game gives it the place in jbplay.com history that is deserves.




Version 1.7 was released on 2 January 2006 at 01:19.

  • Download v1.7 for Win32 (1,299 KB)
  • Read the Change Log


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